i n t r o d u c t i o n s

Little Me never liked keeping a “reading journal” in school. What was the point? I’d read the book and was ready to move on. Whatever impressions I’d had after finishing it did not need to be disclosed to the rest of the world.

Fast-forward about ten years and I find myself creating a blog where I will be (willingly) discussing my thoughts on not only books but films as well! Who knew I could successfully delude myself into thinking this was a good idea? And so without further ado, here you shall find my biased and blunt (but hopefully beneficial) opinion on every book and film I stumble across from this point onward.

My reviews will be available for all to see and may or may not be a complete waste of your time. Don’t come running to me declaring I’m an evil nincompoop for frittering away precious seconds of your time.

You have been warned. Now let us begin.

Blurbabble is open for business.


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